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Giant Toys Review - About us

We are dedicated to providing the best toys reviews to any gift buyer or giver. This is the site to keep you up-to-date with all the latest children's entertainment. We look at the best toys that we can find review them and even trial them with the children, so many of our reviews come directly from the kids! There is nothing that can beat that!

Our quick FAQ:

How do we evaluate toys?

We look at many different features of each toy, although not all criteria can suit all toys but we focus on the following: originality, skill building, sturdiness, novelty, safety and the play value. This allows us to look at the toys in detail and ensure that the price of the toy and its educational or social benefits are high. Some of the best toys that we review even get to be reviewed by children themselves where we look at how they interact and the first impressions of the toys.

Do you sell toys?

No, we do not sell the toys that we review, so you will have to go and find them from retailers like Amazon, Toys “R” Us, or similar.

Can I get my toy product reviewed?

Yes, you can! We accept submissions for reviews for all toys, so if you want us to have a look at your toy get in touch with us via one of the contact forms on the site. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible with details, so ensure to send enough information to get in touch and what the toy is that we will be looking at.

Get your latest toy reviews and bargains here. We specialise in reviewing toys for children to ensure that those toys are safe and educational to use. If you ever become stuck looking for a present for your child or are looking for something to give to someone else, have a look around to see what we have on offer.

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