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Giant Toys Review - Category

We review a wide range of toys, so if you are looking for something specific, please have a look in the following categories:


The animal category is a collection of the best animal toys on the planet. From soft knitted toys to plastic models we have you covered. Have a look at our top picks in the animal toys kingdom.


Boys like fast cars, so we have made a category for just that! From small toy cars, to electric remote controlled cars, we have you covered in our review. Find out what the most wanted car toys are and be ready to give your kid a smile when they see it.


All kinds of dolls are covered here. Knitted, or plastic, the girls will love them. Get your child a new best friend, these are perfect for getting the child to learn to take care of someone and to sleep better.


While the games popularity has been in decline with strong competition from mobile phones, there are still some outstanding games that can be bought to keep children occupied for many hours.


If your kid is into building things, maybe the trains will appeal to him or her? There are many train sets available now and we are glad to have had a look. There are many brilliant toy sets that can build a whole city.


Puzzles are one of the best toys to give to a child, as it keeps them entertained and learning to quickly recognise shapes and images. We have a collection of the best puzzles on the planet to show off.

Get your latest toy reviews and bargains here. We specialise in reviewing toys for children to ensure that those toys are safe and educational to use. If you ever become stuck looking for a present for your child or are looking for something to give to someone else, have a look around to see what we have on offer.

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