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Giant Toys Review - Ugears locomotive model review

"Steam Locomotive" is another Ugears construction kit that stands out from other kits by its size. It is provided with a wooden parts that once assembled by hands make a moving toy train Locomotive. Simple by the components (just wooden parts) it really creates a engaging experience for players for many hours.

The puzzle is accompanied with user manual instructions. There are 443 parts in "Steam Locomotive" construction puzzle and it takes about 11 hours to build it. It can be a truly engaging whole weekend leisure activity. Not only one person but several people can build it together.

What makes this kit stand out is its size. Looking at other constructions kits available on the market of this type this one probably gives more fun time. It requires more dedicated hours to build.

It is a well-thought-out design as the model can move on rails. People get used to electronics toys like trans on rails that are battery powered. With this kit it is truly amusing that wooden model can move as good as electrical model would.

The UGears Locomotive kit can be kept assembled as decorative element in the common room and it is amusing to show it to visiting friends.

So if you have a long weekend to come and not sure how to keep yourself engaged this kit would be perfect. It gives a unique experience that lasts in memory. It can also be presented to friends and family as a gift. It is unique and the will definitely stand out among others.

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